Backup & Disaster Recovery

There are many reasons to backup your data. Hard drives have a lifespan and then fail. Electricity is never one-hundred percent dependable. Vandalism, theft and human error are the most common reasons data is lost or corrupt. Who deleted that directory? Who cares? Skip the yelling, screaming and stress. Get it back instantly.

Be prepared for any situation with Quest backup appliances and solutions. Your data can be safe, whatever happens. Be back up almost instantly with our Virtual Standby solution. If your server goes down, the Virtual Standby spins up with the latest backup snapshot taken.

Let Jordan Associate’s data experts show you how affordable it is to backup your systems. Reach out now: Please click here to contact us with your immediate needs! 

Please click here for Quest’s Rapid Recovery Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) Datasheet.


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